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      • (+966) 13-8327600

      • info@acco-sa.com

      Our Vision

      Our Vision

      Founded on the basic tenet of “quality service” as the first and foremost attributes of the company and operating in the idea and philosophy of unwavering professionalism, acco will achieve its mission through developing a wide range portfolio of products/projects in line with corporate mission, product posting & testing,|| and high profile trading & construction transactions with sustainable growth. Envisioned that the company would progress hand-in-hand with quality service and ultimate dedication to every projects, regardless op budgetary consideration.


      With its roaster of highly-dynamic and self-motivated man-force, acco had virtually assured itself of its own mark in the business community as the leading company that specializes in the field of steel fabrication oil and process piping and distributor of highly trained manpower.


      acco has constant focus on its ultimate vision of short-range (local) and eventually heading towards long-range (global) thrust through symbiotic and mutually beneficial  progress with its trusted colleagues and partners in the business community.

      What Makes Us Different

      You have a choice when you look for a construction work. We want to be your partner. We think we're different from others - in a good way, We work with global companies who want local relationships.
      • We Lead In Construction And Performance.
      • Customer service is our obsession.
      • We here to make our clients heroes.
      • We're A Quality Team.
      • We Are Global.
      • We work with global companies.
      • We believe in supporting,giving back to our communities.
      • We constantly explore new ideas and ways of doing things.

      You Should Know

      Who is the leading company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
      Acco is one of the leading company in the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia, which is geared towards providing specialized services in the field of fabrication and civil works. We have been an ardent supplier of materials to numerous petrochemical, construction, maintenance and contracting companies in the kingdom.
      Is ACCO Highly Qualified And Experienced
      Acco is a collection of highly qualified and experienced Engineers & Managers from different regions with different experience to provide the market/projects the latest technologies existing in the world in different fields.
      What About General Contractor
      acco is a General Contractor covering all phases of Construction projects. We maintain a Staff of  qualified Managers, Engineers and Craftsmen. Our past record of job completions proved our professionalism and management abilities.
      ACCO Company is a General Contractor for Construction works
      we divide it into four (4) major categories:
      • Fabrication & Reconditioning Services Division
      • Civil Construction Services Division
      • Mechanical Construction Services Division
      • Industrial material Supply's Division

      Projects Featuring

      Can We Help?

      +966 (13) 8327600