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      • (+966) 13-8327600

      • info@acco-sa.com


      ACIT technologies is a conglomeration of the finest minds in technology to catering The needs of high-end technology solutions. The visionary thought is to bring in high end Technology solutions to the small, medium and technology solutions to the small, medium And large enterprises making it available, adaptable large enterprises making it available, Adaptable and cost e-active for use.

      With the rapid growth and technology adoption in the last decade, shortage of the right Consulting services and the optimal solution drive the need of the hour. ACIT brings in end to End capability in design, deployment and support.

      In simple terms making the most complex of infrastructures, collaborated and supported By simple and e-active solutions with a mix of core technology solutions and process.
      ACIT Also adopts and inherits the industry standard methodologies and best practices.

      If generation of collaboration in consulting & value engineering is what you are looking for The look no further.

      IT & Communications

      • Structured Cabling Solutions
      • Data Networking Products
      • Telecommunication Systems
      • Wireless Solutions
      • Data Centre Solutions
      • Data Storage Solutions
      • Data Backup and Recovery
      • IT hardware’s and Software licensing

      Website Design

      • register your company domain www.yourcompany.com
      • Registration official emails name@yourcompany.com
      • Special planning to form the site in terms of design all website pages
      • Dynamic Web site to view the products or services nicely and information about the company and other design
      • The design is compatible with mobile devices and tablet easy browsing
      • The site is designed according to international standards that are respected search engines
      • Design Facebook page and linked to the site was used for the purpose of marketing later
      • Concrete commitment to time, professional team to serve you all time

      About ACIT

      ACIT is
      fast growing end-to-end software, information technology & communication (ITC) and information technology enabled (ITeS) solution service provider with operations in Saudi Arabia
      We combines attitude

      passion for client satisfaction, innovation, deep industry and business process expertise and variety of professional backgrounds and national cultures that embodies the future of work

      We provide
      technology solution services and support for organizations ranging from large enterprises, governments, small and medium business (SMB)/small and medium enterprises (SME) to start-ups.

      Services and Solutions

      AV and Convergenc

      • Digital Signage and Display Solutions
      • Auditorium Solutions
      • Board room and training room setup
      • Collaborative & automated meeting rooms
      • Tele- Presence solutions
      • Multi-Sensory Solutions (Audio, Visual, Touch and Gesture based)
      • Elegant and Intelligent Lighting Systems
      • IPTV Solutions
      • Interactive LED System.
      • Background music and Public addressing system.
      • Complete Automation and Innovative System Integration

      ELV Solutions

      • CCTV and Video Monitoring
      • Access Control Systems
      • Display and Alarm Systems
      • Gate Barriers / Bollards / Road blockers
      • Intrusion Detection Solutions
      • Video Intercom (Indoor & Outdoor)
      • Car Park Management Solution
      • Building Management System
      • Master Clock
      • Digital Signage

      Technology Partners

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      Can We Help?

      +966 (13) 8327600