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      • (+966) 13-8327600

      • info@acco-sa.com


      Construction works

      acco Company is a General Contractor for Construction works, we divide it into four (4) major categories and each category explains our focus on related works:


      Fabrication & Reconditioning Services Division: Including:

      Steel and stainless steel fabrication Sandblasting services and coating (plasticizing) Pipes, Flanges, Fittings reconditioning Services. Structural Steel reconditioning Services.

      Coating Services.

      Special Fabrication Requirements services. Steel Building fabrication services.

      New Portables for accommodation & mobilization. Welding Services.


      Civil Construction Services Division:

      Including the civil works of:

      Construction, maintenance, modification and renovation of Industrial building, recreational facilities, Offices, housing, schools and hospitals.

      Laying of roads including excavation, backfilling, surface preparation, asphalt laying, for the new roads as well as maintenance of the existing roads.

      Excavation and laying of underground utilities.


      Mechanical Construction Services Division:

      Including the mechanical works of:

      Oil & Gas Pipeline and the related electromechanical commissioning work.

      Construction of storage tanks. Firefighting System

      Plumbing Dewatering


      Industrial material Supply's Division:


      Including supply of construction & maintenance materials such as mechanical & electrical fixtures, sanitary, plumping Etc. among which as follows:




      • carbon steel smls pipes schedule 40 & 80
      • carbon steel welded pipes galvanized and black
      • stainless steel pipes
      • copper pipes type acr, l & k
      • copper coils Fittings
      • black malleable fittings
      • galvanized malleable iron fittings
      • carbon steel butt-weld fittings
      • copper pipes type fittings
      • forged steel fittings
      • Stainless steel fittings
      • grooved fittings



      • Bronze valves and strainers
      • cast iron valves and strainers
      • cast steel valves
      • angle valves
      • ball valves
      • forged steel valves
      • stainless steel valves and strainers
      • double-regulating valves
      • vertical check valves
      • pressure reducing valves
      • stafty pressure relief valves
      • butterfly valves
      • foot valves
      • double-door wafer check valves Flanges
      • carbon steel flanges
      • forged steel flanges
      • stainless steel flanges
      • steel flanges
      • carbon steel flanges
      • bronze flanges Accessories
      • automatic air vents
      • bibcocks
      • gauge cocks
      • brazing rods
      • pipe nipples
      • carbon steel stud bolts and couplings
      • pressure gauges and thermometers
      • flexible rubber connectors
      • rubber and non-asbestos gasket
      • thermowells
      • galvanized pipes hangers and threaded rods

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